Pair of Circle Backplates, Nickel

Customise your hardware with our large Nickel Circle Backplates.



Sold as a pair, these larger iterations of our signature backplates serve as an instant uplift to doors and drawers around the home. Style on cupboard doors as a pair or mix it up and split up across drawers or single doors.

Each pair come supplied with 6x nickel screws: simply screw your Backplate into a surface, adding your knob through the middle hole once the backplate is secured.

First and third images show the Circle Backplates paired with our 23mm Nickel Plated Knobs. Second image shows the Circle Backplate paired with our 23mm Blackened Bronze Knob. Fourth image shows the Circle Backplates paired with our 35mm Nickel Plated Knobs.

Width: 6.5cm
Height: 12cm

Hole diameter: 4mm. Suitable for an M4 screw, and compatible with all styles in our Knobs collection.


To keep your hardware at its best, avoid using harsh chemicals and instead wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Our brass is lacquered to prevent any tarnish, therefore there is no need to use any product while polishing your backplates.