Est. 2017


The Scallop Lampshade is where everything began, it set the tone for the playful aesthetic that would become distinctly Matilda Goad & Co. Five years ago, when the lampshade was created, there was nothing quite like it on the market, which is exactly how it came into being. As the story goes, Matilda was searching for a lampshade that would complement her personal sense of interior design -  a balance between feminine modernity and more traditional English country style.

Despite being a homeware staple, the lampshade offering at the time was limited to straight edges and hard lines; Matilda wanted to change that and set about designing something that could inject more playfulness into the world of interiors. The Scallop Lampshade, designed and sold as a side-hustle business at the time, can now take credit as the product that launched the brand.

When creating the piece, Matilda looked to prior iterations of the classic scallop shape, how it had been used across antiques and decorative elements in the home. The result was a softly undulating, curved silhouette that walked the line between classic and contemporary.

Since then, the scallop-sphere has grown to encompass a whole host of different interpretations, and the interiors world has learnt to embrace playfulness again. The Scallop Lampshade also sparked the evolution of MG&Co., leading to the design of many more signatures that subvert the status quo. 

Available in a range of sizes, textures and considered colour combinations, choose the perfect Scallop Lampshade for your space and bring a touch of joy into your home.

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