A Taste of


There's nothing quite like coming home from a long day to a space that feels relaxing andwell-balanced. But with all the tech we use in our homes these days, it can be tricky to style it all without making it feel cluttered or out of place. In this month's Dispatch, I'm sharing my top tips for living alongside tech in the home without it taking over.

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Our home life orbits around the kitchen, so it seems like a good place to start. Sharing a meal around the table with friends and family is the highlight of day to day life, but this can be tricky when you have a small space to work with. Inspired by the sushi bars of Japan, we opted for bar stools that extend and retract, they're the perfect space saving solutions.

Storage space is always in hot demand, so rather than using a large drawer for cutlery, consider fitting a hidden cutlery pull-out. Another fantastic investment is a fridge turntable - so handy! I've also long been a fan of these clip-on drawers which help make use of every inch of the fridge.

In the laundry room, go for a pulley maid fixed to the ceiling or mounted to the wall, rather than an ordinary clothes horse. I've recently added a rail with hangers above the sink to hang clothes after ironing, avoiding a towering mound on a nearby surface. 

Small Changes to


Buy less, buy better. Don't get taken in by sales, discounts or promotions. I try to step back and think about the purchases that make the biggest impact. This rings especially true at flea markets where it's too easy to fall in love with something you absolutely do not need. Plan out your buys and take some time to work out exactly what's needed to create that fresh feel at home.

Instant joy on a budget. Make some time to get around to those jobs that you've ignored... we all have them! Find frames for the prints you have tucked away in a drawer, repot a plant that has outgrown its pot and debobble your jumpers.

Create more order and swap those bursting bags of flour on the top shelf for labelled Kilner or repurpose jam jars; gone are the days of digging everything out of the cupboard just to find that one rarely-used ingredient.