Matilda's tips for


Take thirty minutes out of the day for a soak in the bath, armed with your choice of book or magazine and favourite tipple; stored bath-side in a smart caddy.

Bath Time

Add freshly-cut geranium leaves to the bath for a fresh, natural scent - this pine essence is a real favourite and perfect for a change from bubbles. If you're looking for inspiration for the year ahead this book is a great bathtime read. A good bath oil never disappoints - waffle towels and a handwoven bathmat make all the difference.

Set the Mood

Lighting is key for a relaxing soak - be sure to turn off any overhead spotlights and opt for a lower light to achieve a calm, restorative mood. Warm wall lights hit the spot; add a small drop of essential oil to a lightbulb and as it warms you'll get a delicious scent. Not to forget candlelight- add a couple bathside for a warm glow.