How do I care for my hardware?

To keep your hardware looking its best, avoid using harsh chemicals and instead wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Does it tarnish / wear?

All brass is lacquered which prevents tarnish, meaning there’s no need to polish. Our raw wood is untreated and designed to age gracefully over time, signs of wear are part of the charm.


What size is the hardware?

All information on sizing can be found in product page details, as well as in our Hardware Guide and Spec Sheets found on each product page.

What is the screw spacing on MG&Co. Hardware?

The screw spacing for our handles varies between designs, and can be found in the Hardware Guide or Spec Sheets on each product page.


Is the hardware collection available to trade customers?

Our hardware collection is available for trade discount, along with our Lighting collection.

To apply for our trade discount, please fill in our application form online.

For bespoke and large orders, please contact for more information.


How do I fit my hardware?

You may be able to unscrew any existing hardware on joinery and furniture and simply replace it with your new handles or knobs. If you are adding hardware to a new door, you will need to drill a hole (or two) into this surface, and use a Phillips screwdriver to secure it. Make sure to carefully mark out where your holes need to be drilled to correspond with your hardware, using a ruler and pencil.


Are screws included with my order?

Screws are included with each piece of hardware. These screws are 30mm long with a washer included.

Do you sell different size screws?

If you need longer or shorter screws for your surface, snappable screws are available on our website as an add-on.

What is a screw washer?

A screw washer sits between the head of the screw and a surface, and protects your door surface during installation.