Making of a product:

The Ceramics Collection

We believe craftsmanship deserves a place in the modern home and are committed to reviving artisanal traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Each purpose-led piece is made using quality materials and years old manufacturing techniques, so that your ceramics can be used time and time again. 

Woven Ceramic Lamp Bases

A contemporary classic, our Ceramic lamp bases are hand-crafted every step of the process. First, clay is moulded into long strips that is handwoven to create the main body of the lamp; once dried, the pieces go into the kiln for their first firing.

Next the lamps are sanded, painted in four signature colours and glazed. They're then fired a second time to achieve a glossy, elevated finish. Available in Green, Pink, Red & Blue; pair with a signature Scallop or Cane Shade in Medium or Large.


The ceramics that make up our tabletop collection are handmade in Portugal, a country which boasts a rich history of artistry and ceramics stretching back centuries. Their ceramic traditions are deeply embedded in its cultural heritage and our artisans draw their inspiration from the country's decorative pottery. 

Our handmade Jugs are hand-painted with squiggle patterns, an abstract iteration of a classic tartan design. The Toast Rack is crafted with care, featuring a twisted ceramic rope design. Complete the set with our twisted edge Egg Cup plates.