It's that time of year again to troop down to a local park or simply into your garden and make the most of being outside. Whether you're planning sunny picnics, alfresco dinners, or simply pottering round, we've got you covered to get your home sunshine-ready…


makes perfect

With gardening it’s always worth looking ahead - a bit of planning and tinkering goes a long way, and you'll be reaping the rewards in seasons to come. Big or small, a well-mapped space will allow you to eke out as much time outside as possible. 

If you want to get the most out of your garden, choosing the right plants for your soil type is key. If you have sandy soil, you'll want plants that prefer drier conditions, while if you have clay soil, opt for plants that tolerate heavier soils. It sounds simple, but always take note of the amount of direct sunlight your garden receives at different times of the day as it makes such a difference in the long run.

Keep it simple

There’s no need for an overly fussy approach to gardening and plants, whether indoors or out - it can be charming to let nature go at its own pace.

Underplanting gives the opportunity for some great combinations and makes the most of the space - try hostas under hydrangeas and geraniums under a potted olive tree; an MG&Co. favourite is top dressing with shells. 

Don't forget to mulch: adding bark chips, straw or grass clippings around your plants will help retain moisture in the soil, curb the growth of weeds and regulate soil temperature. Make sure to leave a gap between the stem and the mulch to prevent rot.

Thirsty work: it’s always worth keeping a carafe and glass of water on hand for busy days spent outside - for extra freshness add a few sprigs from a basil plant.

Bring the

outside in

It's worth considering what plants will match your interiors. This pink-on-pink room is such an instant mood-lift: why not match pink textiles with a potted Bougainvillaea plant; forage generous swathes of cow parsley to add a layer of height to a room; a citrus plant can be a great statement for otherwise minimalist rooms - Gerald Bland does this so well; for neutral and wooden tones, consider green, leafy plants.

A plant for every room

The Kitchen: Line herbs and cuttings across sunny window sills 

The Sitting Room: A fig in a large pot or basket, citrus scented pelargoniums in terracotta pots

The Bathroom: A potted geranium is always happy in a bright bathroom