Decorate the Home


We love this super easy DIY Cork Urn Pyramid, whether as a tabletop centrepiece or to add to sideboards and windows for a festive uplift. All you'll need: one Large Cork Urn, a foam cone, cocktail sticks, approx 20 lemons and your choice of added leaves. Read on for our How-to...

Build your Pyramid

1) Place the cone in the bottom of your vessel, for the Cork Urn a 12cm diameter cone is the perfect fit.

2) Pierce the cocktail stick halfway into the side of a lemon, piercing the other half into the foam cone. Repeat this around the bottom layer.

The Finishing Touches

3) Continue building until you reach the top. Here, pierce the the cocktail stick at the bottom of the lemon and add to the head of the cone.

4) Add in touches of greenery throughout: you can use lemon leaves, for ours we picked fresh Magnolia leaves from the garden.